Brewery utilizes nonalcoholic drinks amid dip in Dry January sales

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – January 2023 is coming to an end as people vow to be alcohol-free for a month.

There are many reasons to participate in Dry January. Some do it to lose weight, some do it to save money. While breweries, bars and distilleries are seeing their annual turnover plummet, some have found ways to make dry January work.

Harrisonburg’s Three Notch’d Brewery has launched the Uncool brand with non-alcoholic beers in hopes of boosting things.

“Things tend to turn around a little bit, especially after Valentine’s Day. Non-alcoholic beer has become a big movement in craft beer and we’re following that trend with some great new products. will return to regular beer,” said Adam Markowitz, Taproom Manager at Three Notch’d Brewing Company.

The Uncool non-alcoholic beer offering continues beyond the dry January and mellow February.

From partnerships to events, Three Notch’d Brewery is committed to a variety of approaches to getting people to drink.

Markowitz shared plans to open another location in Waynesboro.

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