Black+Decker Unveils a Cordless Bev Cocktail Machine at CES – Robb Report

Hosting a party is great, until you realize you’re spending all your time making drinks for your guests instead of interacting with them.

Last year, Black+Decker set out to solve this problem with its Bev cocktail maker, which shakes single-serve drinks at the touch of a button. According to Hypebeast, the company is now further innovating its gadget with a larger, cordless version that was just unveiled at CES.

A new model, due out in the spring, will make life even easier by not having to plug it in. You can go wherever the party goes without the need for pesky extension cords. Also, since he can hold 6 bottles of liquor at a time (previous models he could only hold 5), it brings versatility to your gatherings. Also new to his Bev is he can make up to 250 drinks on a single charge. Hopefully this is enough to get you through the night with a drink or a few in hand.

So how exactly does it work? After connecting various bottles of gin, vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and more, Bev simply uses Bartesian capsules to mix the perfect drink. Think of it as the liquor sibling of the Keurig and other coffee capsule machines. Bartesian has more than 40 cocktail options, so you can serve your guests anything from Long Island iced teas to spicy margaritas.

Of course, everyone has different tastes, so Bev allows you to customize the strength of each cocktail. Perfect for dry January or for those who don’t drink alcohol for whatever reason, there are also mocktail options. Also, to enhance the party atmosphere, the technical mixologist comes with a “Party Mode” setting that activates an LED light show that illuminates the liquor bottles.

The latest version of the Bev sets you back $400 from the previous model’s $300 price tag. But that seems like a small price to pay for your own permanent home bartender.

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