Bittles bar owner: Furore over not serving customer soft drink has been blown out of proportion

A Belfast bar at the center of a social media storm believes the issue has been “blown out of proportion” after it said it would not serve soft drinks to customers.

Orn Bittles, owner of Bittles Bar on Upper Church Lane, has addressed recent criticism after he refused to serve a glass of Coke to a customer.

“I think it all blew out of proportion,” he said.

“We are zero [alcohol-free] Guinness and gin, but no one really takes it. ”

This happened after a customer stated on social media that he had been turned down from ordering a soft drink.

Bittles told Sunday World:

“It was a bit of a joke, but we sell up to 700 pints of Guinness a day. There aren’t many tables, so it’s not ideal for someone to sit there and have a coke.”

This caused a stir on social media, with one Twitter user saying: Tea Total Patron? unwelcome? “

Another added, “Probably the worst opinion in Belfast.”

The bar is famous for Guinness quality.

Mr Bittles explained that his pub is different from other pubs.

“It’s a small pub. It’s packed today, only about 24 people here. This is the busiest time of the year in 32 years,” he said.

“Other pubs serve food, we don’t. When you go to other pubs, people eat and drink Coke or something, and there’s no space for that here,” he said. Added.

Mr. Bittles’ rule has caused controversy in the past.

Punter thought he was joking when he put up a sign warning that no one could order a half pint of Guinness.

At that time he said: Tourists come and order half pints and then sit for years. we are a small bar ”

And the bar notice was declared as the pub industry welcomes returning customers after COVID-19. “No Jab No Juice”.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated, you can’t drink beer.”

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