Beware, the milk you drink may contain deadly chemical

Hyderabad: Formaldehyde, a deadly chemical used to preserve corpses, is added to milk and dairy products. About 600 liters of milk laced with formaldehyde have been supplied to hundreds of hotels in the city over the past six months, police said.

The incident came to light during a raid conducted by a food safety officer against a private diary in Kondamadugu village, Bibinagar mandal, Yadadri district.

After obtaining test reports for the milk on Friday, food safety and police officials were shocked to learn that formaldehyde had been laced into the milk. , were charged with tampering and selling counterfeit goods, said Vivinagar inspector K. Saidul.

Formaldehyde was traced in milk for the first time, said V. Jyotirmayi, Supplementary Food Manager of Yadadri Zone.

Kadem Kumar Yadav, manager of the indicted milk collection center, said formaldehyde was used to prevent the milk from spoiling. The other defendants, P. Kali and G. Srinivas, had added sucrose and ammonium sulfate to Kumar Yadav’s milk to increase its volume.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that a public representative of the BRS in the Bibinagar mandal called food security officers and urged them not to file a lawsuit against Yadav.

Jyotirmayi and district food safety officer Swathi conducted a raid two days ago with the local police and sent samples for testing. Even if there is no immediate threat to consumers, there is a risk of long-term illness when milk is mixed with formaldehyde chemicals as it can lead to respiratory, gastrointestinal and liver damage, Yadadri district said. said Dr. Madhusudhan Reddy, a senior physician in

Jyotirmayi and Swathi warned of strict action against vendors selling adulterated milk.

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