Best Movies to Play Drinking Games With

Playing the drinking game at the movies makes a great movie hilarious and a bad one bearable. Not all drinking game movies are bad, but many are at least repetitive and predictable. You can The drinking game is easy to configure if you’ve already seen a movie that makes you drink, but if it’s a new movie, there are a myriad of suggestions online for the best times to drink, and the best part is are as follows: Choose the rules to follow or create your own.


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room is a movie you might not survive without a hard drink. It’s considered one of the worst and most ridiculous movies, but somehow it’s become a legend alongside its star and creator, Tommy Wiseau. The film became a cult classic and even spawned a biographical drama about Tommy and the creation of the film. disaster artist This is going to be as great a movie as drinking.

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If you drink alcohol during popular times, the meaning of the movie may deepen!

  • sounds like “oh hi”
  • Lisa is described as sexy or beautiful
  • I’m confused as to why that scene is happening
  • Mark is labeled a best friend
  • It sounds like “don’t worry”
  • anyone throws a football

rocky horror show

A scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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rocky horror show is a 70’s cult classic movie that works both as a drinking game and as an interactive game. The film is often seen in theaters, with live fans casting shadows in front of the screen to perform the film. These Shadow He cast shows have strict rules for the game, but they are very fun and make for a different experience. The game has a list of props, callbacks for certain lines, and encourages the audience to dress up. I can do it.

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If a drinking game calls for you, drink according to these rules to ensure a drunk time warp.

  • Brad says “Janet”
  • someone dies
  • people randomly pop out to dance
  • frank wears gloves
  • Janet faints
  • anyone smokes
  • Confetti and rice are thrown
  • Rocky growl

great gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby
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great gatsby The film is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book of the same name, so unlike many others on this list, it is classified as a classic work. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t have certain repetitions or quirks that might get you tipsy.

These general drinking rules will make your movie night feel like the Roaring Twenties.

  • Gatsby says “sports”
  • green light seen in the distance
  • Toby McGuire is a waste
  • text appears on the screen
  • Set in the 1920s, this film is set in the backdrop of a 21st century song
  • you can see the pinky ring
  • Gatsby looking through the window


Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland
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zombieland is a comedy that is perfect for a drinking party, but it is also a comedy that is a bit scary. Alcohol and laughter can make even brain-eating zombies a little less scary. zombieland double function.

If you drink during this time, you will feel like a zombie in the morning.

  • A screen will appear with the rules.
  • Twinkies are a hot topic.
  • Tallahassee kills zombies.
  • Characters are named after places
  • Someone Talks About Life Before Zombieland
  • Sounds like “Shut up or shut up”
  • You hear the term “Zombieland”
  • Drink every time you kill a zombie, if you dare.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
20th century studio

It seems less critical when a movie feels like the creators want viewers to get drunk and watch it. It’s the exact atmosphere. Monty Python and the Holy Grail let go. The point of this movie is not to take things too seriously! These rules make it impossible to take things too seriously.

  • There are butt trumpets.
  • “I’m not dead yet,” someone says.
  • Lancelot kills someone.
  • Black Knight loses one leg.
  • The king is being neglected by someone.
  • Cat meows.
  • someone runs away

cutie blonde

Ranking the best comedies that touch your heart
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cutie blonde is a beloved comedy chock-full of moments worth drinking over and over again. From the video she submitted to Harvard Law to Elle’s iconic comeback, the film is as chill and chill as a hilarious stone.

These general drinking rules ensure that any player is legally intoxicated.

  • Whenever Elle throws out legal terms.
  • Bonus: when a guy catcalls her and she yells “I disagree!”
  • Every time the bruiser changed outfits.
  • Whenever someone points out an early 2000s trend
  • Whenever Elle is seen in another pink outfit
  • Everyone Says “Harvard”
  • Anytime Elle’s new hairstyle
  • a reference to being blonde
  • Refer to wedding rings and engagement rings
  • Refer to fashion items

mean girls

mean girls
paramount pictures

mean girls Nearly 20 years after its release, it has to be one of the most highly-quoted films. Having a drink every time the iconic line is said would have everyone down within his first 15 minutes of the movie.

The game has some limitations to ensure that every moment of this comedy masterpiece can be seen.

  • someone say regina george’s full name
  • characters drink at a party
  • someone says the word “fetch”
  • Burnbook is mentioned
  • People say ‘you can’t sit with us’
  • someone talks about africa


Twilight wedding scene with Pattinson and Stewart
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twilight is a classic for girls growing up in the 2000s, and somehow, despite the silliness of its intensity, the film is still very popular today. Deaf or not, there are moments in this movie where you cringe if you don’t drink.

To make those awkward moments a little silly, here are some popular drinking moments.

  • vampire twinkle
  • Bella touches her hair or bites her lip
  • Edward and Bella silently staring at each other
  • Unhealthy behavior is perceived as romantic
  • A rivalry between vampires and werewolves is mentioned
  • you feel vague discomfort


Rose is finally reunited with Jack
paramount pictures

titanic It’s a cheesy romantic movie set on an actual historically sunken ship, with hundreds of people dead or stranded, so drinking it can’t make the movie any less offensive. Despite its ugliness, the movie is pretty sad, and drinking it can make you silly or prone to tears. There is only one way to find out.

Here are some of the most popular drinking rules, but they’re missing a very important rule: Drink if you blush during the Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls scene.

  • Drink every instance of an ominous omen.
  • I drink every time the class creates a dangerous situation.
  • Drink every time Rose says “Jack” or Jack says “Rose”.
  • Everyone says “Titanic”
  • Everyone mentions the magnificence/unsinkability of the Titanic
  • someone has a cigarette in their mouth
  • You can see the whole exterior of the ship

Jurassic Park

Childhood actress Ariana Richards who played Rex Murphy in Jurassic Park
universal pictures

It can get a little monotonous to see the same people making the same mistakes in every single movie, thinking dinosaurs are suddenly safe and their substandard technology keeps them where they should be. There is. That’s why these movies are perfect for drinking games. Jurassic Park is an iconic movie franchise, and with a few modifications, these rules could be the drinking game for every movie in the series.

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Even one of these rules is unlikely to succeed Jurassic Park Sober movie.

  • dinosaur every time appears on the screen, take a drink
  • drink every time someone is killed
  • Drink every time you hear the John Williams soundtrack.
  • Drink every time obsolete technology is mentioned
  • Drink every time someone says “DNA”.
  • Drink whenever Jeff Goldblum speaks.
  • If T.rex eats a lawyer, chug it.
  • Drink every time the water ripples or the ground shakes ominously


scream movie
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Horror movies are often the best movies to drink. scream is a classic slasher movie where characters break all the horror rules and pay the price. If you play by following the drinking party rules, you’ll definitely have more fun than the characters!

  • the phone rings
  • There is a debate about the deceased mother
  • Gail looks bossy at the photographer
  • A ghost face appears on the screen
  • Another horror movie reference is made
  • Horror movie rules are broken (no sex, no drinking, no drugs, back soon)


Will Ferrell
paramount pictures

Zoolander It’s a movie so silly and goofy that it makes sense to play along with the madness. can.

These rules allow you to imitate a model’s face in no time.

  • Zoolander with a modal face
  • Everyone says “Blue Steel”
  • Discover celebrity cameos
  • wrong word
  • Variations of the word ball above (ball, ballstein)
  • someone walking on the runway

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