BATWOMAN Rewatch Recap: (S01E13) Drink Me

I can’t wait to dive into and rewatch this episode after all the angst we experienced in the last episode. batwoman “Drink Me” from Season 1, Episode 13

The episode opens with a man paralyzed, tied up and bloodied. Kate (Ruby Rose), Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Kamrath Johnson) deal with the loss of Beth, whom they met at the Wayne mansion. On the way to the morgue, the press surround Jacob (Dougray Scott) after he is exonerated. He meets Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the two see Beth’s (Rachel Skarsten) body and talk about what happened believing her to be Alice (Skarsten).

To get out of his grief, Luke has Kate catch a bad guy. Kate agrees to look into Nocturna (Kayla Ewell). In search of her Nocturna, Batwoman (Rose) finds not only her latest victim, but Nocturna herself. The two fight and Nocturna injects Batwoman with a paralyzing drug.

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While Nocturna escapes, Sophie finds Batwoman, warns her, and cuts her down before saving her victims. Mary discovers ketamine in her blood. After informing Luke of Nocturna’s injection via her fangs, they hatched a plan to capture her.

At a meeting with the Crows, Jacob orders them to find Nocturna before Batwoman. After seeing Kate’s club post about his opening, he tells Sophie to attend and keep an eye on things.

To the chagrin of Sophie being there, she unwittingly mixes with Elle (Amber Lewis), Luke and Kate’s prime suspect in Nocturna. , Kate, who played the role of the bartender, interrupted. She cuts herself and Elle reacts by claiming her lightheadedness. This excludes her in her opinion of Kate.

Sophie facing forward

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During their search, Alice appears in an alley and asks for Mouse’s whereabouts. When Alice returns to her hideout, Nocturna attacks her.

Kate and Luke look at the camera footage and learn Nocturna’s true identity. While straining and preparing to drain, Alice bargains for her life. She offers her a better deal of her blood. This causes Nocturna to attack Mary instead.

At Crow’s headquarters, Jacob confronts Sophie about her interactions with Batwoman. She assures him of her loyalty to Crow. Batwoman runs for Alice’s help in hopes of catching Nocturna, but instead finds a partially exhausted Alice, continuing to narrow down her search causes Luke to focus on the location.

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Batwoman finds Nocturna and a partially bloodied Mary in an abandoned cathedral. Batwoman and Nocturna clash, but Alice comes to the rescue. While Batwoman pursues Nocturna, she offers to give Mary some of her blood to at least get her heart started.

Batwoman has beaten Nocturna, and at the Crows headquarters, Sophie and Jacob disagree over Batwoman’s involvement in past events. When their disagreements reached a climax, she called Sophie to inform her of the whereabouts of the detained Nocturna. This causes Jacob to admit her lack of trust in Sophie and her suspension.

Kate goes to Mary’s clinic to check on her, and Mary informs her of Nocturna’s motive for using her blood in the Desert Rose Trace, which can cure her condition. , leading to believe that Alice shared this information with Nocturna. Because of this assumption, Kate confronts Alice.

batwoman looking downbatwoman looking down

When Kate leaves, Alice receives news that only the two of them have visited Mouse. She learns about Dr. Campbell and deduces that he is Mouse’s father, August Cartwright. Another realization comes when Mary wraps up all her encounters with Kate. She recognizes that Kate is Batwoman.

The show ends with a moment when Sophie and Batwoman agree to keep their distance, but at the same time share a kiss.

What an ending! I love that even without knowing Batwoman’s true identity, Sophie was attracted to Kate. I also really enjoyed each of my discoveries, including Mary and Kate and Alice and Mouse’s father. It really makes the story more complicated. We can’t wait to relive Kate and Sophie’s interactions, Mary’s journey, and Alice’s antics in the next episode.

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