Bartender Reveals What Your Drink Order Says About Your Personality

A good first date first impression is just as important as a strong first date cocktail. Or maybe you’re sick of being treated by the girl next door and are more interested in looking like a sexy siren tonight.

Either way, a lot of consideration goes into the type of vibe you’re going to send.Once you’ve picked your outfit, secured a meeting spot, and arranged your transportation, it’s time to move on to the promised land, aka the bar.

So what do you order? We decided to leave this to the experts and get first-hand advice from a few bartenders who have seen it all.

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Read on to see what your first date drink says about you:

1. red wine

According to bartenders at the first-date hotspot, temptation screams when you order a full glass of red.

“There’s one guy who comes here. I think he’s with a new woman every time, once a month. He drinks red wine all the time, and he rocks her to drink red wine all the time. Now I’m really a girl.” If you want to get it, depending on your mood, with red wine.”

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