Barista Said She Made Every Drink Decaf for 3 Months

Some are very picky when it comes to ordering coffee. Having caffeine first thing in the morning is a ritual for many people around the world. Starbucks is known for going above and beyond when it comes to catering to their customers’ unique tastes, but one barista said he forgot to include a key ingredient in every order for three months. say.

TikToker’s Cyd (@cyndlelikesstarburt) revealed he’s been serving customers decaf instead of Starbucks blonde espresso roasts for three months, garnering 41,000 views on the platform. “Yeah, I wasn’t the best barista,” she captioned the video.

@cyndlelikesstarburt yeah i wasn’t the best barista #barista #starbucks ♬ original sound – <3

It takes courage to admit this, but Sid’s revelation seems to have made current and former baristas feel safe enough to share their own failings in the comments section. On the first day, all hot venti drinks were 3 shots instead of 2,” shared one.

“For about eight months, I thought Caramel Crunch was regular caramel and only Java chip flaps were chips.

A third assured Cyd that it could be worse. “At least it wasn’t the other way around,” they argued.

While Sid’s confusion was entirely unintentional, other baristas have gone viral in the past for sharing that they deliberately mixed the two up when customers were rude.

The Daily Dot reached out to @cyndlelikesstarburt through a comment on TikTok.


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*First published: December 15, 2022 at 4:16 PM CST

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