Bar Talk: Drink-trend predictions for 2023

Halloween party decoration with colorful cocktails on blurred background

In 2022, it seems there was a drink for every taste in the bar. There were a lot of trends to try out this year.

Here, I’ve rounded up some of the top drink trends for 2022 and my predictions as to whether they’ll carry over in 2023 or fade into the past.

Trends: Drinks inspired by social media

No one knows that TikTok and Instagram reels seem to influence just about everything these days, from viral food trends and hacks to how people decorate their spaces. knows So it’s no surprise that social media influences drinking. For example, Negronis Pariart became popular thanks to a clip of him that went viral from an interview with the two. House of the Dragon Starring Emma Darcy and Olivia Cooke. You say, “What’s your drink of choice?

Will it last until 2023? yes. TikTok/Instagram doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for at least next year. We predict that the influence of reels and video will continue to rise steadily, with more attempted drink trends in 2023.

In case you didn’t make this drink in October when the clip first went viral, here’s a little recipe and background.

Spariato Negroni
Definition: Negroni with prosecco instead of gin

1 ounce Campari

1 ounce sweet vermouth


orange slice

Directions: Stir sweet vermouth and Campari in an ice-filled rocks glass. Flavor with Prosecco, but if you follow the classic Negroni recipe, use 1 ounce of Prosecco and garnish with a slice of orange he. oh, that’s great!

Trend: Fruit in beer

IPAs still dominate the craft beer movement, and while hops, hops, and more hop options seem plentiful, 2022 saw a new style creeping onto the shelves: fruity beers. . Perhaps brewers were taking notes from the rise of hard kombucha and the continued dominance of hard seltzer in the canned alcohol sector, which features exotic, fruity flavors. IPAs. Whatever the reason, a fruity beer is a great addition to your beer cooler.

Will it last until 2023? If you are a fan, yes! I think the beer industry will turn its attention to other things in 2023, such as continuing with limited release beers, experimental flavors and more sustainable brewing practices, but that doesn’t mean fruity beers will be left behind. is not.

Canned cocktails will be all the rage in 2022.
Rose Laudicina / photo

Trend: Canned Cocktails

It’s time for hard seltzer to move out in 2022 and make room for canned cocktails in coolers. From festivals to coolers for friends on camping trips, canned cocktails have been a fun new option for cheering and taking on new adventures when you’re craving more than just beer. Cocktail options have all kinds of spirits and ranges. They range from higher alcohol like his 14% in Cutwater’s White Russians to lower alcohol like his drink at 5.5% Classic Finnish Long, one of my favorite his. .

Will it last until 2023? absolutely. The canned cocktail options will continue to grow as more big brands enter the game (with one review already lined up for 2023).

Zero-proof cocktails have made it easier for consumers to drink less alcohol while enjoying beautiful beverages.
Rose Laudicina / photo

Trend: Low alcohol and zero alcohol cocktails

In 2022, the phrase “cold curiosity” has grown in popularity, as has a section of the cocktail menu dedicated to mocktails. There is also a wide selection of zero-proof spirits and wines that are readily available. Some of the judgments about not drinking in the atmosphere of bars and parties have faded away, and the option of simply sipping seltzer water or NA beer and refraining from drinking has become more fun and creative.

Will it last until 2023? definitely. Even if you just got in on the “sober October” period, the zero-proof alternative beverage movement, including adaptogen- and CBD-laden drinks, will continue to grow and attract a larger crowd in 2023.

Snowmass’s Venga Venga selection of well-made margaritas. (Aspen Times Archive)

Trend: Tequila still dominates

Tequila continues to be a popular drink, with more brands entering the scene and even more brands backed by celebrities. It felt like every party in the world was sponsored by a tequila brand, but the market is becoming saturated and the quality is starting to decline with each new brand? It’s just that some people are definitely doing better than others.

Will it last until 2023? I never tell you to ditch tequila, but in 2023 it’s time to pay attention to other spirits on the shelf.

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