Bar Guide: Disco balls and two-handed drinks help to make merry at Cocktail Mary

Cocktail Mary is located in Manjoy Hill. Photo by Angie Bryan

Did you know there are some popular places in your town that you haven’t been to yet? I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never been there. I’m kicking myself for not doing so sooner because I was finally able to rectify the situation and come here to tell you all how great it was.

Advertised as a queer craft cocktail bar, the Manjoy Hill spot has fun and funky decor (disco ball included!), soft lighting and a variety of seating options. My drinking buddies and I took one of the tables near the entrance and checked out the cocktail menu, which is divided into $15 and $10 sections.The $15 section features five original creations and one Negroni. is provided. The $10 section has seven options, one of which is a mocktail. The wine selection is also relatively extensive, but didn’t focus on that part of the menu. There are bar snacks.

One of my friends went for a $10 rhubarb whiskey sour which is a very traditional (minus the rhubarb) whiskey sour. Another friend chose the $15 Kitty Purry (Aperol, Grapefruit, Sparkling Wine, Orange). This is a light, refreshing drink served over ice that you can easily imagine sipping all summer long (or, in our case, all winter long). Given the ingredients, I was worried that it might be too citrusy for our tastes, but it was the perfect amount, well balanced, and we enjoyed every flavor without hitting our face. rice field.

The two coupe glasses on the left constitute Sex Work, joined by Rhubarb Whiskey Sour, Center and Kitty Parry.

But the crowd pleaser was my drink, the $15 Sex Work (passoa passion fruit liqueur, vanilla vodka, vanilla, cava, passion fruit). We each went to the bar to order and enjoyed chatting with the friendly and experienced bartender who used to run the bar at Eventide. We were shocked when we later found out that she was still on her second day at her job. As she finished preparing my drink, pouring a beautiful salmon colored liquid into her coupe glass, I reached out and took it. To my surprise, she also handed me her second coupe her glass filled with cava. I thought there was some sort of mistake, until she explained that Sex Work is a “choose your own adventure” cocktail — you can drink the two glasses separately or together, in whatever ratio you like. .

I wish all cocktail orders were served this way. Thank you.

We tasted the pink one first. Definitely a winner. But when I paired it with Cava, it took it to the next level, smoothing out the acidity and thinning out the slightly thick (probably from the passion fruit puree) liquid, making it easier to drink. No one could believe the difference they made. Six thumbs from the three of us.

The music played at a decent volume for most of the time we were there, but at one point my hair was too loud for easy conversation. No worries, said one of my drinking buddies.

Best place? Receipt showing that you paid for sex work.

Former diplomat Angie Bryan writes about Maine’s cocktail bars, making as many puns as her editors allow.

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