Banned: Hereford chicken factory worker caught drink-driving

A CHICKEN factory worker was thrown off the road after being arrested “the morning after the night before.”

Sergiu Tinjala once admitted to driving over the alcohol limit when he appeared before a magistrate in Hereford in January.

Prosecutor Mark Hambling said Tinjarra was pulled behind the wheel of a white Nissan Leaf on the A49 Greyfriars Bridge due to his driving style on December 10.

After a positive roadside breath test, he was taken to Hereford Police Station, where evidence testing revealed 55 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of his breath. . The legal limit is 35.

Other news:

Tinjala’s Chris Read said seeing a 47-year-old woman in court was a simple matter.

“It was a typical morning after the night before,” Reed said.

“He had had a fair amount of alcohol the night before, but he went to bed and slept for six or seven hours and was fine in the morning.

“He was making a short trip to a local store when he was stopped.”

The court ruled that Tinjala worked for Avara Foods and could continue to do so.

“Luckily he lives locally so we can make arrangements. Worst case scenario, he can walk to work and his income should stay the same,” Reed said.

Tinjala, who belongs to Chantry Court in Belmont, was fined £230 and disqualified from driving for 12 months for the offense. He also has to pay the cost of £135 and his £92 victim surcharge.

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