Bacon-infused thickshake? Annual drinks challenge promises wild flavours

Lower Hutt’s Buzz Cafe serves milkshakes packed with

Rich bacon-infused shakes, candy cane smoothies and ‘Birthday Cake’ slushies are just a few of the specialty drinks the Wellington area will be serving during the annual Summer Drink Challenge.

Three cities in the region will participate in the Cool As Challenge. The challenge allows participating hospitality businesses to create signature limited-edition cold beverages for customers to vote for.

The contest was started in Lower Hutt by Hutt City Council a few years ago, but this year Upper Hutt and Porirua will be participating.

Cafes, bars, and eateries vie to outwit each other with the idea of ​​unusual and extravagant drinks, such as milkshakes piled high with sweets and bizarre flavor combinations.


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City Center director and organizer Cindy Christensen, Hutt City Council, said the challenge had a significant impact on the local economy, resulting in a significant increase in sales at participating cafes and increased CBD traffic. rice field.

“The challenge has been so popular that two other major cities in the Wellington area have joined us. I’m excited,” she said.

Dirty Burger Upper Hutt posted a thick bacon shake with caramel
Dirty Burger Upper Hutt posted a thick bacon shake with caramel

Created by Hutt City Council to inspire creativity in local cafes and attract people to the Lower Hutt CBD, the challenge has grown in popularity since its launch in 2016. It was also a direct result of the success of the Sweet As Hot Chocolate Challenge. , a café in Central Hut, creates signature hot chocolates that customers taste and rank for over his three weeks in winter.


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One of this year’s wilder flavors is Upper Hutt’s Dirty Burger’s ‘Bacon All The Rules’ and ‘Bacon-Infused Caramel Thick Shake Topped with Soft Serve, Candied Bacon and Caramel Sauce’.

Meanwhile, Queensgate’s Hudson’s offers cotton candy drinks and matching cupcakes. Cutler’s at his gastropub created a “birthday cake” with vanilla, lemon and white his chocolate and raspberry slushies with sprinkles and pixie bread.

Locals and visitors to the region should pace themselves with 37 drinks on offer across the three cities.

The tournament will run from January 12th to 29th.

Beer Engine at Titahi Bay "Jin makes me em-ocean-al". Photo/Courtesy
Beer Engine at Titahi Bay submits “Gin makes me Em-ocean-al”.photo/courtesy

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