Aurora’s best places to eat, drink and play

Mango House Community Center in Aurora. Photo: Hyoung Chang/Denver Post via Getty Images

Aurora’s cultural treasure trove makes the city a great place to eat, drink and socialize.

Where are you going: Here are our favorite places.

🌮 Flavor Corner

latin american food Star of this food truck rodeo, Las Esquina del Sabor, at 15200 E. Colfax Ave.

  • Alayna found everything from tortas and gorditas to menudos and ceviche, plus plenty of covered outdoor seating.
  • This spring, the food truck will move to the new La Plaza Marketplace, an indoor entertainment and food hall on the former K-Mart grounds.
🍫 Crumbs and Chocolate

This is internationally acclaimed The chocolate maker will blow your mind and whet your taste buds with its exquisite confections.Visit the downtown locations in East Colfax or Stanley Marketplace.

🥭Mango House

Some public health centers Part of a food hall, this community center in East Colfax offers a variety of international cuisines.

  • Now with its own food truck, Urban Burma features noodle and curry dishes. But also try Jasmine Syrian Food and other African and Asian stalls.
🍗 Havana Street

this busy road It’s similar to Denver’s Federal Boulevard when it comes to finding great ethnic food. This his 5280 Magazine guide is a good place to start with Korean Angry Chicken for lunch and Snowl Snow Bowl for dessert.

🥘 Stanley Marketplace

western border of the city Near Denver, the Stanley Marketplace features local shops, breweries, beer halls, restaurants, and a rotating daily schedule of events for the whole family.

  • Our favorites are Annette, Comida, Chook, Rosenberg’s Bagels and Sweet Cow, just to name a few.
  • Pro-tip: Just around the corner is a gem of flavor, Mason’s Dumpling Shop.
🍺 Dry Dock Brewing

Aurora brewing scenery has expanded, but its first stop is still the city’s first craft brewery, which now has two locations.

  • Dry Dock’s award-winning beers range from classics like Apricot Blonde to the famous Blythe Barleywine. There are also many special seasonal taps.

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