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worldYou may be forgiven for having the impression that the whole country is dry in January, but according to Alcohol Change, there were only 130,000 in 2022 (that said, There must have been thousands more who didn’t sign up.) ). So it’s easy to forget that they’re still in the minority, and many may think that drinking a slightly stronger glass will improve January.

As for food, I now find myself reacting to the rich and heavy fare of Christmas and even getting slightly bored with comfort foods. You want that zingy, enthusiastic kick and the clean freshness and crunchiness of a Southeast Asian salad.

Of course, there is still the notion that drinking wine with spicy food is controversial, and that drinking anything other than lager is pretentious or deliberate. disagree. There are many wines that go perfectly with Chinese food (see last year’s column on the subject).

The wines most people still instinctively pick up are aromatic whites, especially Riesling and Gewurztraminer. But do they work? Yes, in most cases the problem with such characteristic wines is that they can be bottled many times on the spot. Not so good with dim sum or steamed fish. (Asda has a very decent one in the £7.50 Extra Special range, but not quite as good as Seifried in today’s pick.) On the other hand, Delicate Dry His Riesling doesn’t do much with mapo tofu. . The spicier the dish, the more sweetness is generally required.

In fact, Alsace dominates the conversation about wine and spices, so many other wines get less attention. Try grapes from other countries – New Zealand is particularly fragrant – or , Torrontes in Argentina, Fernan Pires in Portugal, Mosco Filero in Greece, and many iterations of Muscat and Moscatel.

I know I’ve recommended it before for those who want their Janners dry, but it’s worth mentioning again. TRUE Like Saicho’s sparkling jasmine tea. At £17.99 per bottle, it’s more expensive than I thought it would be, and more expensive than any of the wines below that I chose today, but it would be perfect for a Chinese New Year dim sum feast. Of course, so are jasmine and chrysanthemum teas, but they are considerably cheaper.

5 Aromatic Whites to Explore

Emiliana Nova Riesling 2021, £9.59 Rannoch Scott, £10 booth, 13.5%. This Chilean variety is more like an Australian Riesling than a German one, has bright lime streaks, and pairs well with Vietnamese Harvey’s salads.

Ala Single Vineyard Pinot Gris 2022 £8.99 (on offer, reduced from £11.99) Waitrose, 13.5%. Off-dried kiwi that goes well with chicken noodle salad.

Seifried Gewürztraminer 2021 £12.99 Waitrose, 12.5%. Off-dry New Zealand Gewurz impact. It goes well with Sichuan cuisine and Thai red curry.

Adega de Pegoes ‘Selected Harvest’ White 2021 £9.99 (or £8.99 for Mix 6) Majestic (still on sale in 2020, but I choose this one), 13%. Wine to drink with sushi and fresh Vietnamese spring rolls.

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