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I often have this illusion when I walk into a supermarket where the only products we can buy are the ones that are good for us. carbonated beverages high in sugar and dangerous additives (Health Canada recommends limiting alcohol to two drinks per week on January 18).

I also like alcohol, but now I’m enjoying the dry January. I can’t remember the last time a doctor or dentist survey asked me how many hamburgers, potato chips, or cakes I typically eat in a week.

I exercise regularly and usually drink wisely and refrain from drinking a few days a week. I have not. I am outraged that we are being warned about how much we drink while feeling that little attention is paid to obesity and poor diet in our society. mosquito?
David Roberts

Alcohol is responsible for at least 1,000 cancer cases in Ireland each year, and one in eight breast cancer cases is attributable to alcohol use. Even one or two drinks a day can increase your risk of cancer. The risks are the same whether it’s wine, spirits or beer. Unfortunately, there is a very low level of public awareness that alcohol is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning that alcohol is carcinogenic to humans. That is why Ireland has passed legislation providing health information labels for alcohol products, including warnings about the dangers of cancer, liver disease and drinking during pregnancy. It is not surprising that the alcohol industry, which advertises its products with carefully crafted myths of good times for all, is opposed to mandating the provision of facts (Irish Alcohol Health of 12 January Anger is brewing in Italy against the warning plan).
Dr. Sheila Gilhyney
CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland

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