Amid widespread reports of drink spiking in Kerry one case reported to gardaí

Despite reports that drink spikes are becoming more common in County Kerry, Gardai says it has only received one recent report of someone’s drink being tampered with in the county. .

The issue was raised by Sergeant Michael Cahill at the Kelly Joint Police Commission’s final meeting of the year last Friday.

The Glen Bay-based councilor said he had personally heard stories from some young people in his area who believed their drinks had been adulterated with an unknown substance at social gatherings.

“These stories come from boys and girls. Some of them only had a drink or two, they don’t remember what happened, they think something happened to them that shouldn’t have happened.” I was feeling it,” said Cllr Cahill.

Padraic Powell, Kerry’s chief education officer, said that to his knowledge there was only one report of a suspected drink spike made to Gardai in Kerry and the incident was under investigation. .

He urged anyone who suspected they might be the victim of a drink spike to come forward and contact Gardai as soon as possible.

He said this was particularly important because any investigation relies on toxicological results.

Cllr Cahill said he understands why victims have not come forward, but urged anyone who believes they may have been spiked to contact police immediately.

Over the last two years there have been regular reports of drink spikes at Kerry.
In one incident where six students at the Technical University of Münster fell ill after attending a ‘Frescher’s Week’ event in town, the university’s Students’ Union (SU) launched a campaign to warn students of the dangers. I urged you to

In this initiative, SU officers highlighted how easy it is to spike drinks by putting lollipops in leftover drinks in pubs.

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