Alleged sexual harasser tied to tree, made to drink urine by vigilantes at Depok university

We have seen many stories of Indonesian vigilantes taking the law into their own hands, often targeting members of the LGBT community and unmarried couples. was a suspect of sexual harassment.

Photos and videos of a young man surrounded by a mob and tied to a tree on the campus of Gunadarma University in Depok, one of Jakarta’s satellite cities, have recently gone viral on social media.

a Twitter thread posted on Monday It contains multiple photos and videos of the incident, one of which claims to show a young man being forced to urinate, and that he sexually harassed another student. claim to be a student.

Photo: Twitter

A spokesperson for Depok Police confirmed that the man in the video had been arrested and taken into custody for sexual harassment, but did not provide details about the charges against him.

The viral thread includes a statement purportedly written by a male harassment victim that was previously posted anonymously to a campus news-focused Instagram account.

According to the statement, the harassment occurred on a college campus on December 2, when a young man whom the victim thought was a friend invited her to dinner. and forced him to kiss her without her consent.

Another college student said number two The young man was outraged by the Instagram post and demanded it be removed. When rumors spread about his actions, vigilantes tracked him down and tied him to a tree.

Recently, there have been several high-profile cases of sexual harassment and abuse at Indonesian universities, sparking controversy over claims that the universities tried to cover up the incidents.

In 2019, a case involving an alleged rape by a student at the prestigious Gadjah Mada University gained significant attention due to accusations that university authorities failed to bring the perpetrator to justice. The university claims the case was resolved “peacefully”.

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