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“Get ready to marry me. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” Alix said while doing her signature makeup on TikTok. And I will be chosen as a bride to marry my sweetheart, Grant.”


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For the event, Alix decided to make it as special as possible by wearing the “prettiest you’ve ever seen” gown.

“Usually the girls wear white dresses and the bridesmaids wear whatever they want,” she continued. I got a pink bridesmaid dress.”


I literally got it from Amazon 💒💍

♬ Original Sound – Alix Earl

Arch with a pink bridesmaid crew TRUE Earl’s “wedding” may have been “cheesy,” but it was a party that she and her girlfriends (and fraternity) will remember forever.

“I always thought our wedding day would be somewhere in Greece or Italy, but the back of the Flathouse is enough,” she said. Honor prepared the speech, my best friend, Natalie, she wrote me a poem. .”


It didn’t go his way and his mouth was bleeding.

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At the event, Alix was seen drinking a new drink at the market, along with other partygoers. Gorgias.

For those of you who don’t know, Gorgie is the only naturally derived energy drink you can buy because the green tea leaves are caffeinated. Equipped with wellness benefits such as vitamins B6, B12 and L-theanine for focus and clarity, biotin for hair, skin and nails, and BCAAs for rest and recovery, Gogi literally Pure vibes in a can that can replace your morning coffee or alcoholic beverage during weekday happy hour.


Available in three flavors—Watermelon Crush, Peach Keen, and Electric Berry—you can be like Alix and her bridesmaids by purchasing a can of goggles on the brand’s website, Whole Foods and Fairway Market. .


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