Aldi responds to furious Brits as Prime drink causes store chaos

Aldi’s social media team is currently spending their days reaching out to customers about their Prime Hydration drink.

Created by former rivals KSI and Logan Paul, the drink hit the shelves as a “special buy.”

People queued up from 6am to get one. Aldi introduced measures to try to meet demand, such as limiting customers to only one of each of his three flavors available per person, but absolute havoc unfolded. could not be prevented.

Now Aldi is busy answering questions from angry customers.

Bottles are advertised at ridiculous prices on resale sites.Credit: Prime

One such customer tweeted: “When will we be able to buy Prime Energy Drinks again in stores?

“It’s ridiculous to let this carnage happen after 10 minutes or so. It should have been staggered and put on the shelf to give everyone a chance. #IWantABottleOfPrime.”

Addressing a customer, Aldi wrote:

“At this time, we are not planning to restock Prime, but will let you know if it will be available again in the future.”

“I’m sorry” after hearing another woman’s story, Aldi said, “I came to pick up diapers for my 4-week-old son this morning and still have to stand in line for this ridiculous prime. I was told there was a drink to enter the store.

“I just want one pack of diapers! I stood in line for 42 minutes. Shock. Shame on management.”

Another ferocious shopper claimed staff had bought bottles at one branch before customers had the chance.

They tweeted: “Disappointing. Local store sold Prime to staff before opening.

“While shopping at my local store, the staff were discussing how people don’t care. They worked from 6am, so why shouldn’t they buy them?” Now on local sales sites for £25.

“It made the utter chaos worse that staff were allowed to keep stock for themselves and laugh at angry children.”

Wow. Credit: eBay
Wow. Credit: eBay

Aldi replied, “I’m sorry to hear this,” and “A member of the email team will reply as soon as it reaches your email.”

Meanwhile, one customer wanted to know if the drink would return to the shelves.

He wrote: “Will @AldiUK restock #primedrink at their Rustington branch tomorrow?

“I don’t want anything, I just don’t want to go shopping with a herd of wild, brainless animals who want it.”

Once again, Aldi’s team notified the customer that it was Specialbuy.

LADbible reached out to Aldi for comment.

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