Alcohol causes bowel cancer; no amount of drinking is safe! WHO issues BIG warning

WHO says even a small amount of alcohol can cause cancer

New Delhi: Contrary to popular belief that moderate amounts of alcohol are good for your health, the World Health Organization states that even small amounts of alcohol can cause cancer.
Health experts say alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer, including the most common cancers such as bowel cancer and breast cancer.
“We cannot talk about so-called safe levels of alcohol use. Regardless of how much you drink, the risks to your health start with the first drop of alcoholic beverages. In other words, the less you drink, the safer you are.” Director of Noncommunicable Diseases Control and Regional Advisor on Alcohol and Illicit Drugs, WHO Regional Office for Europe.
According to published reports, half of alcohol-induced cancers in Europe are caused by light and moderate alcohol consumption, less than 1.5 liters of wine and less than 3.5 liters of beer per week.

The WHO also says more than 1 million people will die from cancer in 2020.

How does alcohol increase cancer risk?

Health experts say that when you drink alcohol made with ethanol, it breaks down into a chemical known as acetaldehyde. This chemical damages DNA and prevents the body from repairing the damage.

When DNA is damaged, cells begin to grow out of control and cancer tumors develop.

Alcohol also affects levels of hormones like estrogen. Estrogen acts as a messenger that tells cells to grow and divide.

Alcohol consumption also limits the absorption of various important nutrients such as vitamins, iron and folic acid that are important for health. These nutrients protect the body from cancer and weaken the immune system.

Alcohol provides empty calories, leads to unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain, and increases your risk of cancer.

Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions provided in the article are for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Before starting a fitness program or changing your diet always consult your doctor or nutritionist.

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