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There is an old saying that a man cannot live on bread alone, but I think it can if it is really good bread and accompanied by really good wine.

From soft drinks like coffee, soda, and tea to hard drinks like beer, spirits, and wine, there are plenty of drink options when dining out. What you drink with your meal often directly affects how you enjoy that dish.

For 27 years I am a food journalist. During this year of him, I dined at restaurants in and around Virginia Beach. Along with a memorable meal, we also enjoyed unique beverages. This column has some standouts.

For New Years, check out these drinks if you want. If you find your own food, please share it at PatrickEvansHylton@gmail.com.

cheers! Here are five great drinks to try in 2022, listed alphabetically by restaurant.

I love the airy lightness of spring. Commune’s Hummingbird Cocktail evokes that feeling not only by its name, but also by its fresh, vibrant flavor.

As with the food on the menu here, the ingredients in the cocktails also support local.

Oversized blackberry sugar-rimmed wine glasses serve a wonderfully fragrant mix of lemon liqueur from Chesapeake Bay Distillery, literally next door, with lavender syrup and sparkling wine from Barbersville Vineyard.

The gorgeous citrus of lemon liqueur intertwines with the floral essence of lavender syrup, and when you lift your glass to your nose, you won’t believe you’re in a spring garden.

Other garden-inspired elements come into play on the first sip, with sour blackberries and sweet sugar on the rim. Wine also gives the drink a nice lift and effervescence.

The commune is located at 501 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach. Call 757-963-8985 or visit www.CommuneVB.com


The Forbidden City has a stunning bar with a fun cocktail menu. After considering options that included several pieces inspired by the South Pacific, China settled on Her Harbor.

In a martini glass with a lemon wedge, the electric blue mixture splattered as the server sat down at the table. A fragrant pineapple scent drifts from there, reminiscent of a tropical port.

A gorgeous glass is a mixture of pineapple juice and rum. The effect after a few drinks makes it look like it has a lot of rum in it. Blue Curacao has a bright color. It was a wonderful, almost balanced blend of ingredients and I enjoyed every bite.

Reminiscent of the classic cocktails of tiki culture, this is one drink that will please castaways.

The Forbidden Palace Chinese Bar & Bistro is located at Princess Ann Plaza at 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd. Call 757-747-2388 or visit www.ForbiddenPalaceVirginiaBeachVa.com


I love to indulge in a Bloody Mary or Mimosa for breakfast or lunch when my schedule for the rest of the day dictates it.

At Margie & Rays, Bloody Mary is a bracing mix of house-made mixes with a heavy emphasis on vodka and cocktail sauce flavors, giving the drink a decidedly seafood flavor. Served in a cup of Old Bay her rims with garnish. Patrick Evans-Hylton/Freelance

At Margie & Rays, Bloody is a bracing mix of vodka and house-made Mary mix, rich in cocktail sauce flavor. I liked this This report appeared on these pages on June 12th.

Artfully served in Old Bay-rimmed cups, the drink is garnished with olives, pickles, lemon and lime wedges, and sprinkled with dill, garlic powder, onion powder, and other seasonings. All the ingredients work together to create one delicious drink.

Margie & Ray’s is located at 1240 Sandbridge Road in Virginia Beach. Call or visit us at 757-426-2397 www.MargieAndRaysCrabhouse.com


Collins cocktails have been a part of our taste buds for over 125 years, first mentioned in 1876 by Jerry Thomas, the father of American mixology. Tom Collins is probably the most famous drink in the genre.

Toast with Lavender Collins. A deliciously refreshing take on Union Ale House's classic Tom Collins cocktail. Made with local Reverend Spirits gin, this drink picks up luscious floral notes from St. Germaine's elderberry liqueur and lavender shrub, with a touch of brightness from the Sour He mix. Patrick Evans-Hylton/Freelance

A relatively simple drink of gin, lemon juice, or sour mix, with a sweetener such as sugar in the center. Union Ale House enhances drinkability with Lavender Collins. This is the drink introduced at Beach Eats on May 29th.

The spirits here are one of our favorites, the Reverend Spirits Gin. Reverend Spirits is made by his Distiller Karl Dornemann in his West Ghent area of ​​Norfolk and the results are beautiful, crisp, clean and full of vegetation.

It pairs perfectly with elderflower liqueur, sour mix and lavender shrub St. Germaine. The most basic shrubs are fruit, sugar and vinegar concoctions.

All the ingredients blend together to create a gorgeous, full-floral drink that is pleasing to the nose and mouth.

The Union Ale House is located in Virginia Beach at 2224 Virginia Beach Blvd. Call or visit us at 757-431-7322 www.UnionAleHouseVa.com


Quemar, a Latin American entry near the oceanfront, will open in 2022 and offers an impressive food and drink menu.

Quemal's Puesta del Sol Cocktail, which translates to 'Sunset', is a beautiful drink based on tequila reposado. Tequila mixed with Cointreau, mixed strawberries and jalapeños, resulting in a lovely sweet drink with hints of fruit and heat accents. Patrick Evans-Hylton/Freelance

After tasting a trio of tequilas, the restaurant has about 100 tequilas and mezcals on display – we enjoyed the puesta del sol.

Literally translated as “sunset”, this cocktail is a beautiful drink based on tequila reposado. There are different grades of tequila, depending on how long they have been aged, with Reposado sitting between the shortest tequila blanco and the longer aged tequila añejo.

Reposado has a well-balanced sweetness that has been aged for more than 2 months.

The Puesta del Sol drink blends tequila with French orange liqueur Cointreau, mixed strawberries and jalapeños for a lovely sweet drink with hints of fruit and heat accents.

Quemar is located at 1201 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach. Call or visit us at 757-965-2066 www.QuemarCocina.com


FishTails Restaurant and Bar offers a multi-course New Year’s Day brunch on January 1st from 8am to 1pm.

The menu is priced at $40 and includes a first course of Chorizo ​​Scotch Eggs, a second course of House Smoked Rocks with an all bagel seasoned croissant, and a third course of Black Truffle Ravioli. Optional wine pairing with each course is an additional $25.

The Fish is located at the Ramada Virginia Beach at 2810 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach. Call 757-639-2754 or visit www.FishTailsVB.com.

who did it Find out in The Dinner Detective Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Show. The event will take place January 14, January 21, and January 28 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

The evening includes a full dinner, murder mystery entertainment, chips, best detective prize package and more.

The Wyndham is located at 5700 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach. For more information and reservations, please contact The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show at 866-496-0535 or visit www.TheDinnerDetective.com/Virginia-Beach/.

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