A Lyric From Harry Styles’ “Little Freak” Is Inspiring This Drink

My 20 years were full of One Direction. I was one of the girls who made her own T-her shirt to attend the concert. I love Harry Styles music and “Little Freak”. harry’s house is no exception. It’s the perfect song to listen to while sitting in the tub and drinking red wine.

The track was released in May last year,, In one of the lyrics, a TikTok user recreates a drink Harry mentioned. Last month saw a plethora of celebrity food pairings on social media, from Tom Hanks’ “Diet Kokanyu” (Diet Coke and Champagne pairing) to Julia Fox’s banana bread topped with hazelnut spread. rice field.

What’s the “little freak” drink?

The song’s vibe is perfect for the drink pairing in question: red wine and ginger ale. Stiles sings, “Red wine and ginger ale/But you’ll make fun of me, sure.” TikTok users have tried the drink for themselves, and their reaction was accompanied by a nod from Styles.

I don't really like red wine or ginger ale, but this is delicious #HarryStyles

I don’t really like red wine or ginger ale, but this is delicious #HarryStyles

Thank you Harry #harrystyles #littlefreak #harryshouse #onedirection Thank you Harry #harrystyles #littlefreak #harryshouse #onedirection

Thank you Harry #harrystyles #littlefreak #harryshouse #onedirection

Is it good to mix red wine and ginger ale?

I’ve seen many people try and react to this combination, so obviously I had to try it myself. We topped it off with ginger ale as we did (although I doubt he’s drinking the same cheap wine you can buy on a college student budget). I was surprised at how good it was. I’m not usually a huge fan of soda, but the wine’s fruity flavors and bubbly ginger mixture convinced me Mr. Stiles was definitely on to something here. If that’s what you want, ginger ale adds a touch of sweetness to your drink, and this mixture is a good way to do just that.

red wine & wine ginger ale red wine & wine ginger ale

red wine & ginger ale

Harry laments that the subject of his song might tease him about this strange flavor combination, but after trying it myself, I’m definitely on his side. That’s not the only reason I’m prejudiced. Having recently turned 21, I am always curious to try new drink combinations. This will definitely be added to my list of favorites.

Please be responsible. Spoons do not encourage binge drinking or underage drinking. Take care!

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