9 Best Vodka Brands to Drink in 2023

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For quite some time, vodka has been one of America’s most popular spirits. Its reputation for being colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless makes it the go-to mixing spirit for many drinkers. Vodka can be mixed with cranberry or orange juice, drunk plain, or used in creative cocktails by professional mixologists.

Despite its reputation as a neutral spirit, vodka actually has nuanced differences. To help you decide which vodkas are worth picking up at your store, we spoke to bartender and content creator Saeed “Hawk” House and cocktail educator Leandro Dimonleba about their recommendations.

9 best vodkas of 2023

Best Overall Vodka: St. George Spirits All Purpose Vodka – Watch on Drizly
St. George Spirits All Purpose Vodka is well-balanced and perfect for vodka-based cocktails.

Best vodka to drink: Chopin Family Reserve Vodka – Watch on Drizly
Chopin Family Reserve is a smooth, delicate vodka that’s great to drink.

Best budget vodka. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka – Watch on Drizly
For a budget-friendly mixer, Smirnoff offers crisp vodka without breaking the bank.

Best vodka for martinis. Castra Elian Vodka – Watch on Drizly
A smooth olive-based Castra Elian is essential for the perfect martini.

Best vodka for bloody mary. St. George Green Chili Vodka – Watch on Drizly
Add a hint of fresh chili and coriander to your Bloody Mary with St. George’s Green Chili Vodka.

Best Vodka for Moscow Mules: Humboldt’s Finest Hemp-Infused Vodka – Watch on Drizly
The unique flavor profile of the hemp-based Humboldt Finest Vodka perfectly complements the other ingredients in Moscolava.

Best flavored vodka: Gray Goose La Poire Vodka – Watch on Drizly
Gray Goose La Poire is a balanced, pear-flavored vodka that can be used as a base or modifier in cocktails.

Best Russian vodka. Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka – Watch on Drizly
Smooth and elegant, the spirit of Beluga Transatlantic Racing embodies the very best of Russian vodka.

The best Polish vodka. Zhubrovka Bison Glass Vodka – Discover at Total Wine & More
Żubrówka is a Polish vodka that is flavored with bison grass, giving it a unique flavor.

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