6,992 on probation for drink-driving

Transport’s bus driver blows on a sobriety detector held by Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob as part of a campaign to reduce traffic accidents. (Material photo: Pattarapong Chapattarashir)

A total of 6,992 drivers were put on probation for the first six days of the week-long holiday period and their licenses were suspended for driving under the influence, said Probation Service Director Veerakit Hanparipan. said Wednesday.

Another 15 were for reckless driving and 270 were on probation for driving under the influence of drugs.

A total of 7,277 drivers were placed on probation in the six days from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3.

The three states with the highest number of drunk driving cases were Roi Et (427 cases), Nonthaburi (318 cases) and Samut Prakan (252 cases).

Veerakit said the department is focused on strict enforcement of the law, along with measures to rehabilitate offenders.

Lawbreakers placed on probation must report regularly to probation officers, participate in activities to educate people about traffic laws, and abstain from alcohol. His driver’s license was also suspended.

Those deemed at risk for alcohol poisoning were sent for treatment at Department of Public Health rehabilitation facilities.

Those found to be likely to repeat offenses are sent to camp for three days. During this period, they participated in providing public services, such as helping hospital medical staff to care for people injured in road accidents, and raised awareness of road safety.

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