6 Ways To Crush The ‘Asian Flush’ When You Drink Booze!

Does your face turn red after just a few mugs (or bottles) of alcohol? I’ll explain why.

Although considered a positive indicator, redness in the face after drinking alcohol is actually not a sign of strong qi or healthy blood circulation, but rather a symptom that the body is not metabolizing alcohol properly. There are similar side effects such as flushing, sweating, and redness, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allergic to alcohol. Some Asians of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean ancestry frequently encounter Asian flushing syndrome. Asian flushing is a reaction to alcohol that causes the face and neck to turn red like a lobster, but can also cause additional symptoms such as increased heart rate, headaches, and nausea.


But of course, this doesn’t stop you from binge drinking. That’s why we’re here to help. For those of you who frequently experience Asian flashes, here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with them.

be careful with your drinks

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Ashwood recovery

Does red wine flush more than lager, or vice versa? Choosing the right alcohol for your body is important in managing your drinking-related symptoms in any situation. You can also read the bottle label to find out her APV for each beverage. For example, beer and sparkling wine will have a lower APV for him than spirits. You can determine how much alcohol your body can tolerate.

eat before drinking

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Never drink on an empty stomach. It’s also important to eat something quick before starting the night party. This is due to the fact that a full stomach protects the stomach lining from over-irritation by alcohol. For example, eating foods high in fat and carbohydrates, such as seeds, nuts, cheese, pizza, pasta, and bread can slow the rate of alcohol absorption by preventing alcohol from entering the small intestine too quickly. You can manage the “flushing” of your face to some extent by eating a little.

don’t drink too much


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Some people like to drink wine and cocktails, but it’s important to remember that you should limit your intake if you don’t want to experience an Asian flush or hangover the next day. , because as a result of heavy drinking, the body’s ability to digest alcohol is overloaded. If you have Asian flush syndrome, refrain from drinking alcohol until the redness disappears.

drink in moderation

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Blend into water/non-alcoholic beverages

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I’m not saying that alcohol should be diluted with water. Alcohol is a diuretic and increases thirst, which can lead to dehydration. To counteract these effects, it is recommended to drink a few glasses of water before consuming alcohol. Please give me.

hangover cure

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Most hangovers go away on their own within 24 hours. There is no magic hangover cure, but treating the symptoms can make you feel better. If you’re bingeing a lot and getting severe flushes, it’s time to start investing in a hangover cure. Water is my go-to for a hangover. Drinking water can help reduce dehydration from a hangover, such as dry mouth, dizziness, and lethargy. Additionally, you can rely on other drinks like fruit juices. In addition to liquids, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Panadol can be taken to reduce the after-effects. It is very helpful.

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