6 Savannah gas station food, drink items that some love and some leave

Savannah, GA (WSAV) – Gas stations are convenient places to fill your car and stomach. Food and drink can be a road trip treat for some and an everyday meal for others.

Here are some items that are common to Savannah residents, but may be strange to those unfamiliar with the South.

Pickled pig’s feet for sale at a local gas station in Savannah. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

Pickled pork feet have been a staple for many years. Now in an individually wrapped package. For those who still enjoy eating pickled pork trotters in a bottle with vinegar, it’s still sold at some gas stations in Savannah.

Gina Orr, a gas station customer, said she likes to eat pickled pork trotters, and she shared her favorite food she picked up at a gas station in Savannah. go. “

Brittany Washington says: I don’t eat pork trotters much anymore, but hot sausages and boiled eggs are very popular products. Many people come for it. “

Pickled eggs at a local gas station in Savannah. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

As to why they are so popular in Savannah, she said: You would think so, it would remind me of my younger days in my head, and that’s what we loved.

Snacks from various countries sold at gas stations in Savannah. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

Washington said it encourages people visiting Savannah to try the favorite food from the local gas station.

“When I leave town, I want to try different things, so I do.”

Canned goods from the local gas station. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

Red beans and rice are known to have originated in Louisiana, but are preferred by many in the South. Some local gas stations sell it in convenient cans, which is rare even at some grocery stores.

Local gas stations sell wiener sausages in a variety of flavors. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

Wiener sausages are common in grocery stores. There are smoked, barbecued, and even Buffalo-his styles, but finding the flavors of his bourbon-his barbecue while stopping at the local gas station is no easy feat.

A new drink item at a gas station. (Photo by Holly Lewis)

All of these different foods may make participants a little thirsty, but don’t worry.

Regarding the importance of gas stations offering old favorites and new items, Washington said: So you get the older guys that come in, and even if they bring in kids, you have to have stuff for the younger guys and you get the older guys I have to deal with people who are “

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