5 metro Phoenix mocktail bars for Dry January

Undertow has an assortment of spiked and subdued cocktails.Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Barrett

January is dry And if you’ve decided to give up alcohol for the New Year, we salute you.

  • However, one of us has two small children and the other is planning a wedding, so I won’t be joining you.

Yes, but: Since you can enjoy delicious non-alcoholic beverages once in a while, we’ve rounded up the best places for mocktails.

πŸŒ€ Bitter & Twist

cocktail menu It’s extensive and many of the concoctions can be made without alcohol.

🐠 undertow

This nautical-themed The bar has 3 mocktails made with ingredients to emulate alcoholic spirits. Try Starboard and Steady, a non-alcoholic bourbon with amaro, ginger, guava, lime and pineapple.

  • Two other bars in the same building, Gray Hen Rx and Platform 18, also have mocktails made with these homemade imitation liqueurs.
⬇️ 36 or less

After stopping At Undertow, head across the parking lot to this underground bar for some alcohol-free fun. We recommend Two of Cups of Non-Alcoholic Rum, Rosemary Syrup, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Trinity Citrus Blend, Lemon and Meringue Foam.

🐴 ghost ranch

this delicious southwestern Restaurants in South Tempe have prickly pear sparklers that drink champagne instead of club soda.

🌴Hula Modern Tiki

This bar is so tropical Mocktails complement the menu with crispy coconut shrimp rolls, spicy Thai fish cakes, and pork-stuffed potstickers.

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