5 Health Benefits Of This Rejuvenating Drink That Make It A Must Have

Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and nutrients, making it the perfect drink for your health and skin. Naturally sweet and moisturizing, coconut water is packed with essential nutrients and minerals ideal for a healthy body and mind.

Coconut water contains about 94% water and almost no fat, according to Healthline. One cup of coconut water contains a good amount of carbohydrates, sugar, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is the liquid found in young coconuts and is a natural source of several important minerals. Therefore, we bring you a list of coconut water benefits for a healthy body and skin.

1. The ideal post-workout drink

Coconut water is an electrolyte elixir. These are minerals that carry an electrical charge. Coconut water is considered a great post-workout drink due to its hydrating properties.

2. Low calorie

Coconut water is a great alternative to high-calorie beverages. Coconut water provides only 60 calories per serving, according to Healthify Me. Contains all the necessary minerals and electrolytes along with high levels of potassium.

3. May lower blood sugar

Coconut water is an effective drink for managing blood sugar levels. Due to its abundant amount of magnesium, coconut water improves insulin sensitivity and also helps lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

4. Lower cholesterol

Coconut water is 94% water, fat-free and cholesterol-free. Its potassium content can lower blood cholesterol levels. Studies show that coconut water tends to improve cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

5. For radiant skin

Consuming coconut water will replenish the water your body needs. Hydration helps the body rid itself of toxins that can lead to a more radiant glow. Coconut water is rich in natural cleansing properties that help remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

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