49ers fans are known for having this crazy drinking game

Wondering what drinking games 49ers fans enjoy at the NFC Championship game party? There’s research on that, and the answer might surprise you.

If you spend a day outside of Levi’s Stadium on a San Francisco 49ers game day, you’ll likely catch some sights and smells.

Maybe it’s the tailgate food being cooked, or maybe the fans have great spreads and setups. No, but you can always have a good time.

Oh, and it’s probably absorbed in adult beverages, too.

Drinks and drinking games go hand in hand, right? Of course it is.Sipping your favorite drink is one thing, but change it before the game game Much better.

The Niners may not play at home in the 2023 NFC Championship Game. No, they travel to face the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

However, with so many watch parties and home parties to entertain The Faithful, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a fun drinking party.

And you might be surprised what the most popular drinking game is for San Francisco fans.

The 49ers’ most popular drinking party is…?

It’s no wonder that the most popular drinking games among 49ers fans are things like Beer Pong and Flip Cup. Most of us remember our college days, right?

Or at least when you hung out with friends who went to college while saving money.

But it’s neither of those games. Instead, the most popular and searched drinking game across California is “I Drink and I Know Things.”

It may have blinded you, but if you game of thrones Fans, you probably won’t be surprised.

This data has been compiled by Yellow Octopus, analyzing all sorts of interesting data about almost everything. Ride the Bus is the most popular drinking game in Pennsylvania and the most popular and most searched drinking game in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Either way, if you’re planning on partying over the weekend of the NFC Championship, enjoy the drinking game. However, please be responsible and safe.

The Niners and Eagles kick off on Sunday, January 29 at 3:00 PM ET.

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