4 Tart Cherry Juice Drink Recipes for Sleep

MeCYMI, I recently embarked on a two-week trip to test if tart cherry juice was an effective way to get better sleep a few weeks ago. Later I discovered that it had a positive effect on my ability to catch some z. But how?

First of all, research shows that tart cherry juice is rich in melatonin and tryptophan. These two key compounds help induce rest, relaxation, and improve sleep quality. To break it down, melatonin is a hormone that’s naturally produced in the brain and triggered by light blockage (aka when you go to bed at night). It helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythms, leading to better rest time and quality, and may help manage sleep disorders. Tryptophan, on the other hand, increases the body’s serotonin production, improves mood, reduces inflammation, and promotes healthy sleep patterns. No, but ample research has shown that it can help the cause (pun intended), especially if you’ve exhausted your options for getting quality shuteye.

Needless to say, this is why we’ve collected some of the best melatonin-packed tart cherry juice drink recipes to help you sleep better and feel more relaxed this year. Let’s go: These recipes are from a refreshing almond cherry smoothie or a tongue-tingling tart cherry spritzer. road It’s more delicious than drinking tart cherry juice as it is.

4 Tart Cherry Juice Drink Recipes Packed with Melatonin for Better Sleep

Photo: Ambitious kitchen

1. Almond cherry smoothie

This delicious cherry smoothie recipe by Ambitious Kitchen is made with tart cherries, bananas, creamy almond butter, and a hint of almond extract. Cherry juice also has nighttime benefits of inducing sleep, but if you’re feeling a little tense during the day, drinking this drink might calm your nerves and make you feel a little more relaxed. Looking for additional health benefits?You can easily upgrade this recipe by adding a handful of iron-rich spinach, a scoop of protein powder, and antioxidant-rich cacao his powder. . Not to mention, it can easily be turned into a smoothie bowl and garnished with cacao nibs, hemp seeds and chopped coconut for a hearty meal for him to start his day.

Get the recipe: Almond Cherry Smoothie

tart cherry juice drink recipe spritz
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2. Tart cherry squat

Well, if frothy drinks are calling your name right away, this refreshing tart cherry spritzer by Nourish Nutrition is a real game changer. It’s a 3-ingredient recipe that’s perfect for those who don’t like it. Made from a simple combination of sparkling water, fresh lime juice, and tart cherry juice, this recipe dilutes the acidity of the fruit, making it more palatable and easier to chug at night. , you’ll want to drink this all day long.

Get the recipe: Tart Cherry Spritzer

tart cherry juice drink recipe tea
Photo: Love and Lemon

3. Tart Cherry Mint Iced Tea

Another delicious way to enjoy your daily tart cherry juice is to make Love and Lemons Tart Cherry Mint Iced Tea Recipe, a blend of black tea, mint, and cherry juice. This recipe is made with black tea (which contains caffeine and can interfere with sleep if consumed too much before bed), but you can easily substitute it with your favorite decaffeinated herbal tea. Best of all, it can be made in large batches to have on hand to drink when you’re ready to wind down for the night.

Get the recipe: Tart Cherry Mint Iced Tea

tart cherry juice drink recipe cherry water
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4. Tart cherry water

Okay, okay, listen. This hardly counts as a recipe, but tart cherry water is a great way to stay well hydrated while sipping on cherry juice that encourages a restful day. If the thought of chugging causes your sickness factor, infusing sour cherry juice will definitely make it much more appealing to stave off dehydration. Or, even easier, combine tart cherry juice with filtered water.

Get the recipe: Tart Cherry Water

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