15 easy ways to drink more water

Drinking enough water is an important part of living a healthier lifestyle, but staying hydrated can be difficult. Drinking water can easily fall off your priority list if you forget to refill it. If you’re looking for an easy way to drink more water, here’s an important list of tips to help you reach these hydration goals.

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When you actually know what your goals are, it’s much easier to reach them! Take the time to consciously set your daily water intake and stick to it. If you need a little extra motivation, decide on a reward for yourself after drinking lots of water for a week.


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find the taste of water is free somehowIf you’re drawn to flavored drinks like sodas and juices, try adding a little spice to your water.? Add lemon, lime, or berries to create your own spa water at home, or find branded flavored drops or powders to help you reach that glass.


eat watery foods

eat watery foods


Are you thirsty? Try snacks instead. Foods such as cucumbers, celery, lettuce, broth, and plain yogurt are high in water to help you stay hydrated.


carry a reusable bottle

carry a reusable bottle

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How can I drink more water if I don’t have a container? Don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle with you when you leave home to check your phone, keys and wallet .

set a reminder


Use your phone as a reminder to stay hydrated. Try setting alarms for specific times of the day, such as after lunch or after a cup of coffee.


drink a glass of water every hour

drink a glass of water every hour


This is probably one of the easiest “hacks” to step up your hydration game. Aim to drink a glass of water every hour.


Add fancy ice cubes

Add fancy ice cubes

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If you want an easy way to make water more appealing, fancy ice cubes are the way to go. Just make your own ice cubes by filling them with fruit, herbs and more. This helps get rid of leftovers in the fridge and quickly waters them up, giving them a delicious flavor and aesthetic appearance.


make your own hot spring water

make your own hot spring water


You don’t need to book spa water for your spa trip. If you add fruits such as cucumbers and strawberries to make your own “hot water”, you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing taste at home.


Buy a water bottle that tracks it

Buy a water bottle that tracks it


Having a visual marker of how much water you’ve consumed can help you stay hydrated. You can find endless cute water bottles with markers on the side of the bottle. You can also invest in high-tech bottles that connect to your phone and remind you to drink more.

use the app

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Gamify your hydration goals with the Stay On Track app. There are many apps out there that can help you with things like sending reminders to drink water and keeping track of how much water you’ve consumed.


challenge with friends

challenge with friends

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In the same way that having a workout buddy makes many people go to the gym more often, asking a friend to help them drink more water is a great way to reach their goals. am. After all, nothing expresses friendship like helping each other stay hydrated.


with a jug

with a jug


If you like the taste of cold or filtered water, having a water pitcher may be the key to making your glass more full. Keep a pitcher in the refrigerator so you always have fresh water available. Or put one on your counter as a visual reminder to drink more water.


dilute sugary drinks

dilute sugary drinks

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For those with a sweet tooth, just add a little water or ice for instant hydration. This hack works well with drinks like juice, iced tea, and lemonade!

eat salty food

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Snack, rejoice. With a little strategy, your favorite pastime can help you drink more water. Eating salty foods naturally makes you thirsty. So the next time you’re craving nibbles, choose popcorn, jerky, salted nuts, or a classic salty snack.


Follow the 1:1 rule for alcohol and coffee

Follow the 1:1 rule for alcohol and coffee

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Many of us have heard about the one-on-one rule when going out drinking. Believe us when we say that this trick works just as well at increasing your daily water intake as it does at preventing hangovers.

Britt Ladin is a freelance writer, editor, and botanist living in Brooklyn, New York. During the day she works in the production team of a biophilic design company. Britt is likely thinking about her cat now.

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