15 Dessert Cocktails to Finish Your Meal in Delicious Style

maple irish coffee

If you haven’t had a decadent dessert cocktail yet, grab a shaker and a long bar spoon. Hot or cold, these cocktails bring the festive spirit while providing the sweetness you crave.

We’re not just talking about sweet riffs on martinis. Think cookies and cakes. But fill your cup with your favorite liquor and ingredients like honey, butter, chocolate, star anise, and nutmeg. Some dessert cocktails also offer a caffeine-hit lift usually reserved for after-meal coffee.

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white russian

The White Russian is a decadent drink. You can use whole milk to tone it down or go gold with cream. It’s super easy to make and is always a party hit.

honey butter hot toddy

This toasted winter cocktail is hygge in a cup. Butter, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and vanilla combine with whiskey, triple sec and lemon for a little longer by the fireplace.


Crème de cacao and grated chocolate are already needed, but serve this creamy, minty drink with a little piece of chocolate.

white out

Jamaican or Angostura bitters add the finishing touches to creative combinations of gin, cream, cocoa cream, nutmeg and star anise. Pour into a chilled brandy glass and enjoy a delicious nightcap.

coffee coquito

Milk, rum, 3 types of espresso, cinnamon and nutmeg, the only downside to this coffee drink is the flavor.

coffee coquitocoffee coquito

coffee coquito

Brandy Alexander

This is a strong dessert cocktail, not for the faint of heart, but the heavy cream softens the alcohol in this classic cocktail. All you need is brandy, cacao, heavy cream and nutmeg. If you don’t have Kahlua, replace it with dark cacao.

Brandy Alexander, 6100_021111_brandy_alexander_hdBrandy Alexander, 6100_021111_brandy_alexander_hd

Brandy Alexander, 6100_021111_brandy_alexander_hd

champagne jelly cocktail

This beauty isn’t a cocktail, it’s more of a dessert, but we’re here for the sweet ride. , sprinkled with pomegranate seeds to finish.



Granita cocktail with champagne and orange

Enjoy an adult version of an Italian-style orange pop. It’s easy to make by simply pouring champagne and Saint-Germain liqueur into a citrus granita.

Spike Jones

Reminiscent of hot cocoa, this decadent concoction is a winter treat that combines coffee, kalua, chocolate, cream, milk and sugar. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

maple irish coffee

Anyone can add a shot of whiskey to their coffee, but our recipe brings the creamy vanilla flavor and sweetness of maple syrup to a classic drink. enhances the flavor.

honey syllabus

We didn’t know we needed this heavenly British drink-dessert hybrid until we tasted it. Dessert wines (like Sauternes, if desired). The result is uniquely interesting and infinitely more pleasing.

honey syllabushoney syllabus

honey syllabus

candy cane cocktail

It’s never too late to recreate the holidays in your kitchen. Shake vodka, crème de mainte, cranberry juice and ice and strain into a crushed candy cane-rimmed glass.

raspberry chocolate kiss cocktail

Serve this dessert cocktail on Valentine’s Day or any day you like a drink that starts with a chocolate cookie-coated rim. The mint is infused into a simple syrup so it’s not overpowering.

raspberry cocktailraspberry cocktail

raspberry cocktail

Mocha Russian

If you like White Russians, try this delicious variation and make it a mocha.

hot chocolate white russianhot chocolate white russian

hot chocolate white russian

stout eggnog

Stout beer and dark rum give the rich eggnog a warm, hearty flavor, served as a punch or in individual mugs. Garnish your creations with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Guinness beer-056-d112429Guinness beer-056-d112429

Guinness beer-056-d112429

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