15 Country Artists Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

Country music and alcohol are a perfect match.

It’s mentioned in a lot of songs, and while we often see artists drinking on stage, many of the genre’s incredibly talented artists have shown clarity and stamina before everything around them collapses. It’s important to remember that you quit drinking to find the best version of yourself.

Of course, finding sobriety is a very difficult journey for most people. Especially when you’re in an industry that glorifies everything about drinking.

Does that mean they stopped singing about it together? That’s not the case with artists like Chris Janson, Brantley Gilbert, and Keith Urban, but for some, it might choose to take their music in a different direction.

And recently, we’ve seen several artists announce sobriety, including Charles Kelly and Turnpike Troubadour frontman Evan Felker. I never started.

BJ Barham at the American Aquarium

BJ has been very open about his personal struggles with alcohol, and his fans know he’s willing to share and be candid if they’re on a similar journey to find sobriety. I’m here.

Charlie Mancuster in Muscadine Bloodline

Joe Dee Messina

The famous ’90s country singer called it quits after checking into rehab in 2004 after a spectacularly rough performance at a party following that year’s Super Bowl.

She has been sober ever since.

Margo Price

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, especially Margo Price. Her social situation began to take its toll on her, leading to her excessive drinking. She eventually realized that she needed to quit completely.

She explains the decision in a feature article. GQ.

Josh Turner

Josh is one of those people who never started drinking. In an interview with CBN, Josh said:

Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker

The Turnpike Troubadours frontman was involved in a number of “onstage drinking” incidents leading up to the band’s 2020 hiatus.

But Turnpike is back and better than ever with the chill Evan Felker (also fiddler Kyle Nix) at the helm, rekindling his marriage to wife Stacey and recently welcoming their second child. I was.

Charles Kelly of Lady A

Lady A’s co-frontman has officially begun their sober journey, forcing the group to make the tough decision to cancel last year’s tour.

He recently released a song about his journey called “As Far as You Could.”

Tyler Childers

Tyler will be releasing a fiddle album in 2020, a long violent history, He’s been sober for six months at the time of the video and seems to have sobered up since then.

Jesse Daniel

The rising Texas country star has been very open about his drinking journey and recently celebrated his sobriety. 6th anniversary Be completely drug and alcohol free.

Tim McGraw

We all know this change. Flipping tires in stadium parking lots has been McGraw’s new pre-game for some time now.

Ol’ Tim has come a long way since he won Arrested with Kenny Chesney in New York in 2000.

brantley gilbert

He credited Keith Urban for saving his life regarding his drinking.

Joe Nichols

Joe has been very open about his struggle with alcohol for over a decade. I was.

He detailed the recording over drinks on our podcast. Whiskey riff rough.

Keith Urban

Urban says his wife, Nicole Kidman, saved his life. About 15 years ago, Urban began to find his personal and professional life slipping under him.

Chris Janson

He stopped drinking when he met his wife Kelly and never looked back. He details his struggles leading up to meeting his wife in her 2015 song “Holdin’ Her.”

However, it seems Chris still “mixes drinks” for someone else…

Jason Isbell

Jason has been very open about his past struggles with alcohol, admitting that putting down the bottle was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

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