15 Best Holiday Drinks and Treats at Chain Restaurants Now

At this time of year, things are a little different at chain stores. Suddenly the entrance is decorated with garlands and ribbons, lights clink everywhere and it goes on. Things sound a little different too, with bells jingling, Mariah Carey streaming out of speakers across the country, and finally, the holiday season brings with it a unique and wonderful holiday menu.

These holiday items range from delicious sweet treats to hearty holiday dishes.rounded up 11 of the best restaurant chain holiday items you can find this season—Like winter break, these dishes, drinks, and snacks will disappear before you know it, so hurry up and taste them.

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Warm and cozy, with ginger of course, this is the perfect Christmas breakfast. Apples and red currants add extra holiday flavor and look, while powdered sugar adds the sweetness you crave this season. Alternatively, if you want to drink in the holiday spirit, try the Gingersnap Hot Chocolate or Gingersnap Milkshake.

Head to Dunkin’ for unique seasonal flavors at Cookie Butter Cold Brew, Cookie Butter Donuts and Pancake Wake Up Wraps. Or take a taste of the past with our classic Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte and Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte.

Starbucks Holiday Drink 22'Starbucks Holiday Drink 22'
Courtesy of Starbucks

This year’s line-up includes fan-favorites Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, and Irish Cream Cold Brew. And returning for a second holiday season is the Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte. Starbucks’ new holiday morning treat is the Chocolate Pistachio Swirl.

baskin robbins snowman cakebaskin robbins snowman cake
Courtesy of Baskin Robbins

This adorable cake has big puppy eyes, an adorable red frosting scarf and an ice cream cone hat. Plus, you can customize him with your favorite flavor of ice cream.

A perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of peppermint, this seasonal frozen treat from Wendy’s is based on the chain’s beloved vanilla frosty. It’s not overly minty at all and is worth a try before the season ends and it’s removed.

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Bread the center cookieBread the center cookie
Courtesy of Panera

With an appealing look and texture, these cookies are perfect for after-lunch desserts or small gifts. It’s a sugar cookie richly decorated with icing, but considering it’s 430 calories, you’ll only enjoy it a few times this season.

octopus tamalesoctopus tamales
Courtesy of Deltako

Enjoyed year-round by many, tamales are considered a traditional holiday food for many Mexicans and those with Mexican heritage.Del Taco pays tribute to that tradition. We offer seasonal tamales each year. It’s real corn husk stuffed with shredded pork, salsa and stone ground corn masa and steamed to perfection.

Chick-fil-A Peppermint Chip MilkshakeChick-fil-A Peppermint Chip Milkshake
Chick-fil-A / Facebook

This “festive peppermint milkshake” is what Chick-fil-A calls a holiday treat, hand-blended with ice cream peppermint bark chips and topped with whipped cream and cherries.

McDonald's holiday pieMcDonald's holiday pie
Courtesy of Kaylee Roberts

Rich, sweet and gooey, just like a good holiday treat, this colorful pie is back on McD’s menus for a limited time. Filled with creamy vanilla custard, the crust is crispy and buttery, and it’s actually only 260 calories, so enjoy it. Plus, we added a McDonald’s Peppermint Mocha on the side to choose the location of the season.

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It turns out that Krispy Kreme takes vacations pretty seriously. The chain has released five of her seasonal donuts. These are Chocolate Her Ice with Holiday Sugar Cookie Donuts, Gingerbread Cookie Crumbs, Red Velvet Cake Donuts, Santa Berry, and Holiday Sprinkle Her Donuts Ice.

The 16-handle seasonal soft-serve ice cream not only has a rich chocolate and peppermint flavor, but it also uses Oatley oat milk, so even those who don’t like dairy products can enjoy it.

Pizza Hut is once again offering its seasonal Triple Treat Box. There are three price options, and you get more toppings for the more you pay, but the basic offering includes two medium one-topping pizzas, breadsticks, and Cinnabon mini rolls. I know it’s an item, I didn’t name or design the box, I’m just reporting it.)

Appleby's Tipsy ReindeerAppleby's Tipsy Reindeer
Courtesy of Appleby

In addition to holiday drinks the chain has served in the past like the Very Merry Colada, this year Applebee’s will be offering Tichy Reindeer. at Santa Gumi. ’ It’s basically fancy Cape Cod.

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cracker barrel holiday cateringcracker barrel holiday catering
Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

During the holiday season, Cracker Barrel offers a feast that can be easily heated and enjoyed by the whole family. Choices include the Holiday Ham Heat and Serve Feast and the Prime Rib Heat and Serve Family Dinner.

Chili offers this adorable cocktail featuring Santa’s mustachioed straw. A blend of Tequila, Cointreau, Monin Blackberry, Strawberry Puree and Fresh Sour Mix.

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