14 More Tips For Creating a Solid Drink (Non-Alcoholic or Otherwise) From Merit Badge’s Matt Mount

recently, We interviewed Matt Mount of Merit Badge Learn six essential tips for crafting the perfect zero-proof cocktail. We couldn’t fit all of his ideas into print, so here’s some wisdom from Mount for fellow cocktail his makers.

1. Sharp balance of acidity and sweetness: Is your drink bright? Too much syrup?

2. Texture and Body: Is the drink flat after two sips? How is the mouthfeel of the drink?

3. Space for other flavors to shine: Have you lost the taste you want? What can be up/down without losing other flavors/ingredients?

4. No rush + be experimental: what’s my favorite flavor? What flavors would you like to experience together?

5. Measure everything and write down the results: This is key if you come across a great drink that you want to recreate for yourself or others.

6. Most of the time we start with core flavors. This can be a flavor/ingredient that needs stretching or counterbalancing, but it becomes the anchor of the drink.

7. Don’t forget the “cooking” part of making your drink. I love starting the process with 3 flavors, 1 core and 2 supports, and working from there.

8. Use the freshest ingredients possible: Fresh juices really make these drinks, so I highly recommend squeezing/squeezing/squeezing fresh citrus. To do.

9. Water is the perfect ingredient for making this style of drink. Filtered water helps balance strong flavors, and carbonated water is your ally! Examples: pear (core that goes well with others) / fresh lemon juice (support) / oljet (support) – this is it! Once balanced, you can add more supporting flavors such as ginger, fig, rosemary, etc. considering the type of flavor.

10. The drink may be complete by simply adding the appropriate garnish. The “finishing salt” that completes the drink should surely be a garnish. Add fragrance? Add a desired hit of color to the finished drink?

11. Glassware Can Really Make Drinks: Is a drink served in a coupe glass rather than on ice even more enjoyable?

12. Focus on appearance and color: Make sure your creation looks delicious to drink. Many bars take this into account in their cocktail menus.

13. Shake Zero-Proof Drinks: I love shaking zero proof drinks! If you shake a zero-proof drink, be careful not to dilute the drink too much. With each shake, more water is added to the drink, so a few hard shakes may be enough to consolidate and cool the ingredients.

14. Tension + Double Tension Problem: If you’ve pressed whole herbs or put cut fruit in your drink, scrape up any large solids.

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