13 Ginger Ales, Ranked From Worst To Best

Canada Dry does everything Schweppes does, but a little better. Like Schweppes, it is a brand with a long history. Introduced in 1904 as a dry alternative to sweet ginger ale. And yes, it’s really Canadian, or at least it was originally Canadian.

This was the brand I saw on the most store shelves when I purchased this list, and I can see why. This is a robust, high-quality version of the classic, quintessential ginger ale flavor profile. It also froths well, giving you the champagne-like experience you’re looking for in a ginger ale. The scent has slightly floral notes and Canada Dry is more complex than expected.

Ultimately, unless you sample Schweppes and Canada Dry back to back, you’ll hardly notice any difference between these two popular supermarket brands. However, in this taste test, Canada Dry wins, ironically being one of the sweetest, syrupy sodas we’ve tried. Hairdryerthe one near the top of this ranking may be suitable for you.

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