11 places with excellent NA drinks

The start of a new year is a time to make the commitment to get through the rest of the year and jump right into healthy habits. Last year, more people than ever participated in Dry January, with 35% of him of legal age adults spending his first 31 days of the new year sober.

These temporary teetotalers are looking for delicious mocktails and creative free drinks. Luckily, there are several places in the city to expand your options beyond sodas and sparkling water.

Dry January dining destinations

Even if you go out to eat, you don’t have to be bored without alcohol. A growing number of fine restaurants offer alternatives to alcohol that match perfectly with their menu items.

Alphabet City’s eatery 40 North offers drinks to accompany the star dish. Diners looking to upgrade their dining experience won’t be disappointed with the small selection of non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to serving the South American herbal tea Yerba his mate, there are several other mouth-watering non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu. 40 W. North Avenue, North Side

NA Drinks at Alta Via (LR): No Hanky ​​Panky, Snowdrift Spritz, Sinless Gimlet. Photo courtesy of Large Burrito Restaurant Group.

Fox Chapel’s Alta Via is a non-alcoholic staple. This Italian restaurant has an ever-diverse drink menu, including a zero-proof section that includes mocktails that transcend typical flavored fizzy drinks. You feel like you’ve been taken away. 46 Fox Chapel Road, Fox Chapel

With warm flavors from the Caribbean islands, South America and more, Kaya also offers zero-proof cocktails to accompany your meal. All drinks are made with non-alcoholic Seedlip spirits to spice up your meal. 2000 Smallman Street, The Strip

Pusadee’s Garden has several non-booze options with names that are just as fun as the flavor combinations. The popular Thai restaurant offers several drinks on its cocktail menu, which highlights the bright and bold flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine. With ingredients like chai, coconut milk and lavender, his three signature mocktails make sure you can’t miss the alcohol. 5319 Butler Street, Lawrenceville

Spoke’s drink menu has a Temperance section for NA drinks. Photo courtesy of Spoke.

The Temperance section of Spork’s drink menu is a great choice for the sober and curious diner, and the creative names are always a crowd pleaser. The restaurant’s menu is based on seasonal ingredients, and you’ll find carefully crafted drinks and dishes with a fresh, local perspective. 5430 Penn Ave, Garfield

The two-story bar and event space features spiritless drinks on the Spirit menu. A great example of where you can grab a drink and a pizza and listen to some great music, this multifunctional space is purposely catered for everyone. 242 51st St., Lawrenceville

The Commoner on the lower floors of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco has an extensive mocktail list. Photo courtesy of The Commoner.

The Commoner on the lower floors of Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco has a more extensive mocktail list for January. Chaise longue-style seating along the walls is a cozy spot perfect for a well-done drink and people-watching. For every mocktail sold in his January dry, $1 will be donated to Ben’s Friends. Ben’s Friends is an organization that helps people in the food and beverage industry experiencing drug and addiction problems. 620 William Penn Place, Downtown

For the past five years, Tina’s has been the city’s go-to place for well-crafted cocktails. This bar and bottle shop offers the opportunity to order many of their specialties as Spiritless, so there’s always something for every patron. 4114 Main Street, Bloomfield

The Open Road is the region’s largest non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Photo courtesy of Open Road.

Prepare your own sober bar

of Offering both in-store in-person shopping and online ordering, Open Road is your one-stop shop for non-alcoholic beverages. Not only is it one of the largest non-alcoholic beverage retailers in the area, but it also participates in lethargic events in and around the city. Follow us on social media for shop updates and which locations around the city offer great NA options. 600 E. Warrington Avenue, Allentown

Bierport may be known for its extensive and unique selection of bottles, but don’t forget that they also carry non-alcoholic beverages. It’s a great place for beer and cider drinkers to stop by and shop, whether you’re looking for alcoholic beverages or not. 4115 Butler Street, Lawrenceville

For the second year in a row, old-school neighborhood brewery Two Frays is offering You Do You beer. These porter and sour beers are a great way to enjoy a pint without alcohol. Beverages are another great foray into alcohol-free alternatives. 5113 Penn Ave, Garfield

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