10 Reasons To Think Twice About Energy Drinks

The concept of sleep health has recently become a cultural jargon. There is no shortage of thought, research, and literature on this topic. But as one of his 2020 studies briefly speculates, the concept of sleep health allows people to see and rate individual aspects of healthy, restful sleep.

This new sleep analysis also includes your daytime behavior and how it affects how you go to bed. Of course, this also includes looking at where you’re looking for energy, including your drinks.

As The Sleep Doctor points out, high caffeine intake often sacrifices truly restful sleep. Consuming too much caffeine can lead to restlessness at night, poor sleep, and consumption of more caffeine during the day to compensate for the lack of energy.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle as consumers’ caffeine tolerance needs to be adjusted and increased to maintain energy levels. It is thought to be negatively correlated with sleep. Using an energy drink at the end of the day to make up for a poor night’s sleep can be like a satanic deal.

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